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SIVB - Bone Film Collection

SIVB Bone Film Collection

VHS Series


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Description Key
VHS=1/2" Video Cassette BW=Black & White  C =Color
Silent =Without Audio Sound=With Audio ## Running time in minutes
Film# Title Author(s) Description
(please refer to key)
301 The Rudimentary Thigh Bone of a 4½ Day Old Chick Embryo Grown for a Fortnight H. B. Fell B/W-Silent-4
  This film shows the growth in organ culture of a rudimentary thigh bone from a chick embryo. The culture is shown at two day intervals. It compares a histological section of the culture-grown limb with an in vivo specimen grown over the same time period. (Bright-Field Optics)

302 Osteoclastic Bone Resorption in Cultures of Embryo Mouse Calvaria P. Goldhaber B/W-Silent-17
  Sequences depicting activity of osteoclasts in the resorption of bone. (Bright-Field Optics)

304 Osteoblasts G. G. Rose VHS or C-Silent-17
  Sequences showing the preparation of periosteal cultures by the cellophane strip method; time-lapse studies of behavior differences of fibroblasts and osteoblasts. (Phase Optics)