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SIVB Oncology Film Collection

SIVB Oncology Film Collection

VHS Series


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Description Key
VHS=1/2" Video Cassette BW=Black & White  C =Color
Silent =Without Audio Sound=With Audio ## Running time in minutes


Film# Title Author(s) Description
(please refer to key)
201 Dividing Cancer Cells In Vitro W. H. Lewis VHS or B/W-Silent-6
  Time-lapse sequences of cancer cells from several types of rat tumors cultured in vitro showing mobility, membrane activity and mitosis. (Bright-Field Optics)

202 Culture of Normal and Cancer Cells In Vitro W. H. Lewis VHS or B/W-Silent-12
  Sequences of sarcoma and carcinoma cells from the mouse and rat after various times in culture. Morphological characteristics of the cells and mitotic events are shown. (Bright-Field Optics)

203 The HeLa Cell Strain C. M. Pomerat VHS or B/W-Sound-11
  Sequences showing the preparation of the cultures for time-lapse photography and behavior of the cells in culture. (Phase Optics)

204 HeLa Cell in Tissue Culture G. G. Rose C-Silent-17
  Fascinating color changes shown by interference contrast with excellent demonstration of pinocytosis, nuclear rotation and activity of cellular margins. (Interference Optics)

205 Interaction in Culture Between Normal and Tumor Cells of Rats H. Katsuta and T. Takaoka VHS or B/W-Sound-16

Interaction of hepatoma (AH-7979) cells and normal liver cells. The interaction over a 5 day period is as follows:

1. Hepatoma cells adhere to and send out projections toward normal liver cells.
2. Intense bubbling of the cytoplasm of the liver cells.
3. Normal liver cells die at the end of a 5 day period.

The interaction of hepatoma cells with fibroblasts is as follows:

1. The fibroblasts are not damaged by the hepatoma cells.
2. Proliferation of hepatoma cells.
(Bright-Field Optics)